SentryKIDS® FingerTIPS™ offers complete solutions for your organization. All options provide you with everything you need to get your own Child ID and ID card service up and running. Everything will be installed and ready to go – all you have to do is arrange the events and do the fingerprinting. You receive all of the hardware and software. Plus enough supplies to do fingerprints and print Bio-Docs™, Bio-Disks™ (on CDs) for 2,000 children.

The Elite Turnkey Package also includes the Persona C30E ID card printer and 2,000 blank PVC ID cards.

FingerTIPS™ Elite Turnkey Package – ($9,995)

FingerTIPS™ Standard Turnkey Package – ($5,495)

All packages provide you everything you need to get started. Plus, there are no more fees to pay us, ever! The only time you have to buy anything from us is if you want more supplies, which you are also welcome to purchase elsewhere if you desire.

Already have a computer and feel confident in being able to install all the hardware and software yourself and want to save money? Check out our FingerTIPS™ Fingerprinting Software & Scanner Systems which come with just the software and fingerprint scanner.

All SentryKID® FingerTIPS™ child fingerprinting system purchases include 90 days of unlimited free updates and technical support. An additional service contract may be purchased on a yearly basis to receive additional support and continuous updates via our client updates area.