Question: Are there any franchise or licensing fees after the purchase of the FingerTIPS™ system(s)?
Answer: No, Sentry Technologies charges no franchise or continuing license fees for any of the FingerTIPS™ systems.


Question: Do I get a set territory or am I limited to a geographic area?
Answer: No, Sentry Technologies is not selling you a franchise or limited territory, much like buying any other software product for business, you can utilize it anywhere you wish.


Question: Can I print a Bio-Disk™ without printing a Bio-Doc™?
Answer: Yes. Set the Bio-Doc™ Copies to zero (0) and the Bio-Disk™ will print without the Bio-Doc™


Question: Can I put my own company or organization name and/or logo on the ID cards?
Answer: Yes, you can design your own bitmap (.bmp) image for the background on the PVC card. Or Sentry can design one for you for a small additional charge.


Question: Can I put my own company or organization logos on the Bio-Doc™?
Answer: Yes, you can select your organization’s logo(s) under Options,Administration, Setup. The images should be sized according to the dimensions supplied on the screen.


Question: Can I custom design my own ID badges?
Answer: Yes.  With the FingerTIPS™ Elite system the IDzine™ software is included, which allows you to customize your ID badges.  With FingerTIPS™ you get a library of preformatted ID badge designs to choose from, and have the option of purchasing IDzine™.


Question: Can I print PVC ID badges with the FingerTIPS™ system.
Answer: Yes, the FingerTIPS™ system allows you to choose from a  pre-formatted template library of either double or single sided ID badges.


Question: Can I put my own message in the top center of the Bio-Doc™ and Bio-Disk™?
Answer: Yes. You can also change the font size, color, and style of the title line.


Question: If I purchase FingerTIPS™ Lite can I upgrade to the regular or elite versions later?
Answer: Yes. You simply need to call the sales department to order the upgrade. You will be sent a new dongle and asked to return the old one.


Question: Can I hook up a second monitor to my system in order for the children to see their own fingerprints as I am using the software?
Answer: This is a function of your computer. Most systems do support this ability. If your computer has a port for an external monitor there is a good chance that it does support this ability.


Question: Can I buy one printer and hook it to two or more systems at the same time?
Answer: Yes. This just requires a simple network to be created where the printer is shared between multiple machines.


Question: Can I print the Bio-Disk™ without filling out all of the information and have the parent fill in the remaining information on their computer at home?
Answer: No. The Bio-Disk™ is printed in a .pdf format which is not editable without the proper software.