1. The one ID system that does it all: SentryKIDS® FingerTIPS™

FingerTIPS™ ($2,995) is a robust software program that electronically captures 10 fingerprints or 2 thumbprints, photo and vital biographical information.  It is so versatile it can be used for law enforcement, schools, daycare programs, entrepreneurs, nursing homes, labor unions, corporations and all other operating environments.FingerTIPS™ produces two popular ID formats (Bio-Doc™ & Bio-Disk™) instantly with no waiting or batch printing necessary. You can even pre-populate records to increase daily throughput.

The FingerTIPS™ fingerprint scanner can be connected to any computer through a USB port. You supply the computer, printer and camera. You can take photo’s with a web camera, digital camera or choose .jpg and .bmp photo’s already on your computer.

FingerTIPS™ can print a Bio-Doc™ on plain bond paper or you can purchase our pre-printed cardstock online.

With FingerTIPS™ you can:

  • Create Bio-Docs™.
  • Generate Bio-Disks™
  • Make MISSING CHILD Posters.
  • Print in English, Spanish, and French.
  • Add Your Logos to Bio-Docs™
  • Take Digital Photos.
  • Capture Digital Fingerprints.
  • Pre-populate Forms.
  • Edit Data-field Titles.

*Prints the laminated Bio-Card™ with a standard printer

Includes: Install CD and Electronic Fingerprint Scanner.

Download Specifications (Adobe Acrobat Required)

All SentryKIDS® FingerTIPS™ child fingerprinting system purchases include 90 days of unlimited free updates and technical support. An additional service contract may be purchased on a yearly basis to receive additional support and continuous updates via our client updates area.