FingerTIPS™ for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, are you looking for a great business opportunity to supplement your income or to get out of the rat race completely? Start your own child ID and fingerprinting business, branded as your own company (not a franchise) and start building a client base that can bring you residual income without the expense of franchise fees.

The FingerTIPS™ family of software products give the entrepreneur many opportunities to create a number of different service levels to build their business around:

  • Use cause related marketing and get sponsors to pay you to fingerprint children at their retail location.
  • Contract with schools and daycares to fingerprint their children and staff.
  • Contract with local businesses to create custom ID cards and become an ID Service Bureau.
  • Work with the local police department and do fingerprinting events with them.

The limits for your businesses potential are only your imagination!

IDzine™ allows you to custom design ID cards to make your organization stand-out.