Fingerprint Quality is Our #1 Advantage!

SentryKIDS FingerTIPS fingerprint sample
FingerTIPS fingerprint sample
Competitor fingerprint sample
Competitor’s fingerprint sample

Just compare an image from our Bio-Doc™ and an image from a competitor’s document and the difference is clear. Both fingerprints were taken with the CrossMatch V300 scanner, both were printed with a laser jet printer, and both printed images were scanned in at 600 dpi. Which one would you prefer to provide to your client?

(Right-click on either image to download a larger comparison in .pdf format.)




FingerTIPS™ fingerprints are as good as ink fingerprints. Actually, they are even better. There is no smudging and no messy fingers!












Plus SentryKIDS® FingerTIPS™ not only gives you the best quality prints, it also gives you the tools to make the fingerprints even better.