FingerTIPS™ for Child IDs

Choose between three different output formats, or use all three, to create child ids with photographs and fingerprints! The FingerTIPS™ family of systems, gives you three choices for outputs: Bio-Docs™, Bio-Disks™, andBio-Cards™. Choose which outputs are right for you, and then choose the right system to suit your needs.

FingerTIPS™ Lite — Our most economical system, allows for the creation of the Bio-Doc™, Bio-Disk™, and the paper ID cards on the special card stock which can then be laminated. This is a great system for going to fairs, safety days, malls, daycare centers and schools. (More info)

FingerTIPS™ — Also produces all three of the Bio-Doc™™, Bio-Disk™, and Bio-Cards™, and also has the ability to print to the hard PVC style Bio-Card™ with the optional “Hard Card” printer. In addition, FingerTIPS™ will allow you to edit field titles for a more customized Bio-Doc™. This program is ideal when you are fingerprinting large numbers of children in schools. You can import all text information to increase throughput and process hundreds of children a day. (More info)

FingerTIPS™ Elite — This system does it all! In addition to the above, the Elite system allows you to store the photos and fingerprints in a proprietary database so you can print out any of the formats at a later time. This is a great system for creating professional looking IDs that can be used by law enforcement, schools (both students and faculty), daycares to create parent IDs to verify child pick-ups, fire department, and many more. There are over 20 stock templates or you can design your own badges with the IDzine™ software that is included. With IDzine™ you can customize the ID’s with photo, fingerprints, bar codes, logos, etc. (More info)