How do you decide between all of the child fingerprinting systems on the market?  Aim High!

Choose SentryKIDS® FingerTIP™ for all your Fingerprinting and child ID needs!  With over 20 years of experience, SentryKIDS® is the #1 selling child fingerprinting and child ID system in America. Be a part of the hundreds of elite child ID professionals who “Aim High” with SentryKIDS® FingerTIPS™ child ID & fingerprinting systems.

Bio-Doc™ & Bio-Card™

SentryKIDS® pioneered the digital child ID and child fingerprinting market almost 20 years ago, and we continue to be lead the industry in quality, innovation, professionalism and value. With a SentryKIDS® FingerTIPS™ child ID and child fingerprinting system you can take fast, clean, digital fingerprints in a fraction of the time it takes to use the ink & paper method – and there is no messy cleanup either.


fingerprint comparison

SentryKIDS® fingerprints are of the highest quality, printing from any standard ink or laser printer with no pixelization. Our proprietary algorithms allow you to print the fingerprints with scaling options up to three times the size of the actual fingerprint; and still with no loss of quality, boxiness or pixelization. View our fingerprint comparison and see the SentryKIDS® quality for yourself and the choice will be clear which fingerprinting software is the best choice for your organization.

With SentryKIDS® there are no franchise fees and no hidden costs. Why pay thousands of dollars more for a child fingerprinting product that gives you less, and keeps costing you every year? Upgrade your community service programs to the original digital child ID and child fingerprinting system, or start your own child fingerprinting business today.